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EAN: 9781506743806
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Wydawnictwo: DARK HORSE
(W/A) Geof Darrow
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then more than 205 pages of the stupendous and technicolor art of Dave Stewart and the dubious letterless box drawings of Geof Darrow must be worth at leastナ well, you do the math. But that's what you are going to get when Dark Horse presents the king-size Silent But Deadly edition of the The Shaolin Cowboy epic 'Cruel to Be Kin.' No words to slow you down, no philosophy to burden your tic-tocked brain-just pure unadulterated and uncensored, pedal to the metal, full color, kung fu, six gun, barn-burning action as only Stewart and Darrow can deliver. No valium nor Xanax can help you with this pulse-pounding tome. If you think you know the whole story you don't! So light a match and crack open the window of your imagination and take a deep breath! Collects The Shaolin Cowboy: Cruel to be Kin #1-#7 (without lettering).


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