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Wydawnictwo: MARVEL
(W) Gerry Duggan (A) Juan Frigeri; Andrea Di Vito; Marvel Various (CA) Kael Ngu
Gerry Duggan continues to intertwine the worlds of Iron Man and the X-Men!With the X-Men facing extermination at the hands of Orchis and their Stark Sentinels, Iron Man — now married to Emma Frost — is desperate to make things right. To do that, he’ll need more than an armor — he’ll need an army. But who will answer the call? And can they possibly pull off every element of his impossible plan? As D-day approaches, Iron Man will face his new nemesis, Feilong. Get ready for the biggest clash of armor you've ever seen! But will even an unlikely alliance between Iron Man and Magneto be enough to take down every Sentinel on Earth? Featuring Ironheart and War Machine! And when the war with Orchis is over, what does the future hold for Tony and Emma?COLLECTING: Invincible Iron Man (2022) 13-20


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