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EAN: 9781779528339
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Wydawnictwo: DC COMICS
(W) Jerry Siegel (A) Various (CA) Joe Shuster
THE HISTORIC DEBUT OF THE MAN OF STEEL! Art by Joe Shuster, Wayne Boring, Paul Cassidy and Others Journey back to the Golden Age of comics, when the world was introduced to the very first superhero: Superman, champion of the oppressed, who has sworn to devote his existence to helping those in need! This inaugural volume showcases Superman's origin tale in Action Comics #1 and his first self-titled series from 1939 in a new format that is meant to be accessible to new and longtime fans who have yearned to collect Superman's complete adventures. Learn how Superman's early superpowers worked and witness his burgeoning relationship with star reporter Lois Lane. The First Superhero covers Summer 1938 to Fall 1940 and reprints classic stories from Action Comics #1-25, Superman #1-5, and New York World's Fair #1.


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