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(W) Various (A) Various (CA) Sweeney Boo
Written by Tini Howard, Leah Williams, and Others Art by Sweeney Boo, Hayden Sherman, and Others Attention, nerds! It's me, Harley Quinn. I've got a brand-new collection coming your way from my incredible series, Harley Quinn (that's easy to remember!) I know you bought those issues already, but since they're bagged and slabbed, y'all need this edition to find out what's happened to me! I was minding my own business, having a prank war with Two-Face, when some Lady Quark popped up and told me I was threatening reality everywhere. What? Anyway, Tini Howard (Catwoman) wrote up the details, and Sweeney Boo (Crush & Lobo) and Hayden Sherman (Batman/Superman: World's Finest) drew them up really pretty with guests like Zatanna, Captain Carrot, and of course, HIM (Batman, silly. Who else?), all helping me try to keep reality together. I just want to leave the Multiverse alone, do my community service, and adore my gal, Poison Ivy. And I'll do ANYTHING to protect my Earth. Got it? Collects HARLEY QUINN #28-32 and KNIGHT TERRORS: HARLEY QUINN #1-2.


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