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Kod produktu: JUL071992
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(W) John Leekley, Michael Olmos (A) Chris Moreno
This modern day Zorro ballad, where the stallions are now Harley horsepower, explores the spirit of brotherhood, family, crime and revenge. Witness a tale of corruption and murder along the US/Mexican border, where the mysterious world of Latin mythology collides with organized crime. Johnny Delgado, a US District Attorney, is caught in a drug ring of deadly meth labs on both sides of the border. Betrayed, Johnny's life is sold to the crime lords. He calls upon his childhood friend, Victor Reyes, now a special forces commando. Closer than brothers, their bond will be put to the ultimate test... in which a life is given for a life. From John Leekley, the Emmy Award-winning Executive Producer/Writer of Spawn: The Animated Series, and Michael D. Olmos, director of the Dark Horse feature film, Splinter, and featuring art by Chris Moreno and JM Ringuet.
FC, 40 PGS, $3.99


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