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Wydawnictwo: DRAWN & QUARTERLY

by Don Freeman
An early graphic novel from the author of the beloved children's classic, Corduroy. Skitzy follows a day in the life of a man literally divided between life as an office worker and life as an artist. Floyd W. Skitzafroid's wife worries that he is culture-starved and overworked, but she is only half right. Shortly after he leaves the house, Floyd splits into two - one a carefree artist, the other a grumpy worker. The contented Floyd quickly evades his morose counterpart in favor of a trip to his studio. But while this half paints and walks around pleasantly, the other Floyd is confined to a desk, interacting only with paperwork, a looming boss, and his own disrupting thoughts. When the two halves of Skitzafroid are reunited after the workday, an unexpected eye-opener gives Floyd the push he needs to find a solution that will allow him to enjoy his passions without compromising his financial freedom. Freeman's economical and dialogue-free illustrations seduce the reader into a familiar world where expressive drawings explore the possibility of striking a perfect balance between work and play. Freeman self-published a short-run edition of this book in 1952, and now D+Q is presenting it in a near-facsimilie form.
HC, 6x9, 96pgs, B&W SRP: $19.95


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