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Kod produktu: OCT192319
Realizacja zamówienia: 15-45 dni rob. (sprowadzany z USA)
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Wydawnictwo: YEN ON
(W) Usata Nonohara (A/CA) Ox
Teen alchemist Mariela is learning to adjust to all the changes in her homeland following her 200-year-long slumber, and now she's not alone in her endeavors: a young man and former slave named Sieg has pledged to stay by her side and help. But there are more changes in store for the region: a tragedy among the Labyrinth Suppression Forces, an A-Rank adventurer called Lightning Empress Elsee...and a 200-year-old alchemic secret?!
For readers ages 13 years and up. (STL135836) (C: 0-1-2)
SC, 6x8, 224pgs, B&W, SRP: $15.00


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