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Kod produktu: MAY161699
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Wydawnictwo: PAPERCUTZ
(W) Alessandro Sisti (A/CA) Roberto Di Salvo & Various
Tales of friendship featuring the First Ladies of Disney - Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck! Minnie and Daisy do everything together, well... at least when Mickey and Donald aren't around. Their adventures can be just as action-packed and exciting, but they definitely have their own way, and style, of dealing with whatever may come their way. But no matter what perils may come their way, they will overcome it-because they're Best Friends Forever! Available in Softcover and Hardcover format. (STL009753) (C: 0-0-1)
SOFTCOVER-SC, 6x9, 64pgs, FC, $7.99
HARDCOVER-HC, 6x9, 64pgs, FC, $12.99


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