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(W/A/CA) Hamao
Taichi and Akane have been friends since childhood, but as they've been growing older, their personalities have also differed. Akane is tired of her cool friends making fun of how boring is Taichi, because now they're making fun of her by association! So, Akane offers to help him up his cool factor, and Taichi professes that she should help him lose his virginity. While she's hesitant at first, she ultimately agrees that there's nothing less cool then a male virgin. Also, Botan is a troublemaker who's forced to work with a relative who manages a local shop and she's already butting heads with her co-worker. Botan is lazy and does nothing but read on the job, and it's driving her co-worker up the wall. After eating what he thought was a gift from his sweet manager, he wakes up tied to a chair, with Botan standing over him in her underwear. He soon discovers her troublemaker side is overshadowed by her sadistic side! Kira Kira by Hamao is a romance lover’s dream. Filled with fourteen lovey-dovey chapters, Hamao's leading ladies are the perfect women for any first romance.
SC, 6x9, 216pgs, PC, SRP: $19.95


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