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Kod produktu: OE-FEB181542
Kod wydawnictwa: 9781634420730
Realizacja zamówienia: 1-5 dni rob. (w naszym magazynie)
EAN: 9781634420730
Wysyłka od: 15.00 PLN
Wydawnictwo: FAKKU BOOKS

(W/A/CA) Hingenamuchitear their friendship apart? SC, 220pgs, PC (STL076026) (C: 1-0-0)
Youth is full of innocence and naivety, but it can also be fraught with coercion and misdirection. From writer/artist Higenamuchi, Misdirection showcases twelve chapters featuring a cast of characters compelled into a range of situations that challenge their sexual experience, or lack thereof. In “GAME”, Sonomiya and her two friends play a game where they lure some poor mark and try to get him arrested. But what happens though when one of those marks turns the game on them and they start to enjoy it? Will they earn their set achievements? Or will their game tear their friendship apart? SC, 220pgs, PC (STL076026) (C: 1-0-0)
SC, 6x8, 220pgs, PC SRP: $19.95


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